Arakan Creative is the first theatre company of its kind in Bradford and the North of England specialising in stories within the Islamic world. Through theatre we also impact on issues within the South Asian Community, the wider community and education.

Our ethos is: Instigator of Quality, Truth and Positive Change.

Latest News:

The Abrahamix

Arakan is due to release a new comic book entitled 'The Abrahamix' (AbX), which is part of our 3-year creative arts project funded by the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust.

It is to be the UK's first comic book featuring religious superheroes fighting prejudice and wider injustice. Set in the year 2027, Mikhail (Muslim), Gabriel (Christian) and Rafaela (Jewish) are an ageing group of friends and peace activists who are accidentally endowed with superpowers. They age-reverse when turning into their alter-egos and shall lead the fight against Islamophobia, anti-Christian and anti-Semitic attitudes. These role models draw on a common historical narrative and shall serve as a metaphor to promote mutual respect and cohesion to our target audience, which will be primary school children aged 8 and above (but anybody can of course enjoy them!)

We have produced 3 comics to start with and shall launch the AbX the Muslim Lifestyle Expo 2016 in Manchester:

Subject to their success, we hope to expand and create an on-going comic book series and continue working with our amazing illustrator, Jason Buhagiar, who is a committed, genuine artist of the highest ability. To know more about Jason log on to:

For regular updates you can follow the AbX on the below website, on our Facebook page or Twitter handle: