Mission Statement

Arakan Creative is a Social Enterprise established in 2009 by actor/writer Conor Ibrahiem. It is a testament to his dream; to combine his passion for the arts with his faith to improve the British, South Asian and Muslim communites to which he belongs.

Through theatre our primary aim is to breathe new life into the rich and diverse Islamic stories, both historical and contemporary. Its history is bursting with narratives that highlight good practice, moral values and positive role models.

In addition, we specialise in addressing certain cultural issues within the South-Asian community that damage prosperity. We also seek to look at wider social ills that affect us all, from the likes of health, community cohesion or poverty. Education is another area of Arakan’s reach, delivering creatively on the curriculum through theatre and bespoke workshops.

We welcome everybody to come along and enjoy theatre as a place to laugh and learn, in a family-friendly environment. Our work strives to foster a better relationship between us and the wider world, our neighbours and our inner world.

And the journey we take is just as important as the end goal - i.e. we don't walk on the wrong path for the right outcome. We operate ethically and to the permissable, in other words, Halal.

Latest News:

Freesia theatrical release from August 7th 2017!

We are happy to announce the cinema release for Freesia, the first UK movie to address Islamophobia. All information is listed on the attached flyers and there is also a link below for booking tickets:




We strongly encourage you to book tickets in advance, as all screenings are single performances and we cannot guarantee seats will be available if you pay on the door. Cinemas include the Odeon, Empire, Vue and AMC.


Spread the word and many thanks!




Director: Conor Ibrahiem

Production Company: Arakan Creative

UK Distributor: Film Volt Ltd



The film has received the following awards, nominations and official selections during its festival run:


- Winner of the 'Award of Merit' from the Accolade Global Film Comp

- Winner of the ‘Best New Filmmaker’ from the Canadian Diversity Film Festival

- Winner of the ‘Best First Time Filmmaker’ from the Auckland International Film Festival


- Finalist in the Focus Int. Film Fest for 'Best Editing, Best Score and Best Trailer' (trailer only)

- 3 nominations in the London Int. Film Fest for 'Best Original Screenplay, Best Score and Best Director' categories

- 2 nominations in the London ModCon Film Festival for ‘Best Screenplay’ and ‘Best Trailer’


- Los Angeles CineFest

- Miami Independent

- Focus International Film Fest 

- Equality International Film Fest

- London International Film Festival of World Cinema 

- Accolade Global Film Comp 

- London ModCon Film Festival

- Riverside International Film Festival

- Swedish International Film Festival

- South Texas International Film Festival

- Chandler International Film Festival

- Canadian Diversity Film Festival

- Auckland International Film Festival

- Yosemite Film Festival

Masha'Allah (by God's grace) we are truly grateful for these honours.


We would like to thank Film Volt Ltd, our distributor, for having recognised the potential in our movie.