Our Services

Arakan is a theatre company that impacts on the following key areas:

We are pro-active in focusing on stories and raising issues as and when desired or is needed, be it through our catalogue of ideas or suggestions from the community, rather than when funding bids emerge. We are confident to go ahead and believe if you have the right intentions, things eventually fall into place.

What else…

Bespoke Commissions that can be tailored to your needs. This can include using theatre in your AGM, as part of large events/conferences, festivals or working with hard-to-reach groups.

Corporate Theatre is a service available to the public, private and voluntary sector, using theatre to address issues, introduce new practise, disseminate information or staff training.

Scriptwriting is not confined to in-house work. Conor has been a writer for 5 years and written for stage and short film, having also been short-listed for various awards that include the Northern Lights Film Festival Film Development Award and the Theatre Centre’s Brian Way Award. We invite enquires from those in film, television, radio, stage and corporate DVD’s.

Urdu Translation/Interpreting and plays in South Asian languages.Our expert has 11 years experience and as well as being DPSI qualified and on the national register. Where it is applicable to our theatre work, we are able to write our plays in Urdu/Mirpuri and source the relevant speaking performers.

Actor/Actress requests are welcomed as we have worked with, and have links to, a range of emerging/established performers from a range of ethnicities. Their spoken languages (aside from English) include: Urdu, Punjabi, Farsi and Arabic.

Latest News:


At present Arakan is not planning any new productions but Conor continues to work in the background to realise new projects subject to funding.