'Spread by the Word'

'Spread by the Word'


Arakan Creative's latest production

Arakan has just finished touring its latest production - 'Spread by the sWord' - which was set in 7th century Mecca and Medina. This production was a UK-first and Arakan's most ambitious play to date, charting certain Qur'anic revelations and how they impacted on the society of the time (please note it did not depict Prophet Mohammed, his family or companions - peace be upon them). There were multiple historic stories performed by a professional, multi-ethnic cast, aiming to entertain and educate. 

We have been funded by the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust over 3 years, in partnership with the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, as part of a cohort of 12 West Yorkshire organisations to tackle 2 areas: racial injustice and Islamophobia. Our focus is the latter and as an Islamic theatre company, Arakan is well-placed and privileged to be part of such a project. 

Our plans included touring around five West Yorkshire regions; Bradford, Halifax, Leeds Huddersfield and Wakefield. Audiences were very welcoming of such a project, learning was had by both Muslims and non-Muslims, as well constructive feedback. Indeed we are to take on board what some have said to help improve the production for the future. We certainly hope we can tour it further afield and we welcome enquires about commissioning this production.

Islamophobia is a growing issue and we wanted to go 'right back to the beginning' as it were, looking at the very first anti-Muslim/Islamic sentiment to emerge as soon as Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) began preaching. Many of the issues dealt with then, we still deal with today. Crucially, we addressed the notion that Islam was 'spread by the sword', which of course is not true. 

Real change can never spread unless the heart is willing.

We are currently in the editing phase of the project as we are to produce a professional DVD resource pack as a learning tool for schools, colleges, universities etc. An announcement shall be made when it is available to buy.

We would like to sincerely thank the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust and Esmee Fairbairn Foundation in supporting this project.

Thank you also to all our audience members who attended, for your comments and support.

Should you require any further information please email Arakan via the 'Contact Us' page.


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